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Jamie Thomson

Emerging Artist

Jamie Thomson has a formal education in art, although much of her life so far has carried her in a much different direction.

While in undergrad, she completed a minor in art in addition to her psychology major- and was close to completing a BFA as well as her BA, but time and money proved an obstacle.  After over a decade in the field of psychology, she returned to the art field to get a degree in digital design and embraced her artistic roots.  

Abstract Artist

Now working as a brand designer she finds painting allows her to process creative puzzles and occasional emotional roadblocks.  She credits time spent with art therapists for offering her insights into the power of art for working through emotional problems and admits that nothing is quite as personal and yet universal sometimes as a painting.  

Working in the abstract allows Jamie to work in symbols meaningful to her while allowing her some of the privacy she may feel she needs when it comes time to share her work with others.  It also allows for the viewer to see their own experiences – which stays true to Jamie’s psychological roots (but don’t worry, there is absolutely no diagnosing or analyzing going on!)

Relevant Training & Experience


Informally and formally creating in various mediums for past 25+ years.


B.A. from Ohio Northern University with a minor in Art
AA in Graphics Technology (digital design)

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Many of my paintings are available for purchase or prints. Contact me for information.